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New weekly column!

We all know how the world works: in order to succeed in life, you don’t have to be smart if you’re smoking hot. And apparently you don’t have to be very astute so long as you’re pretty funny. Despite the fact that I kaiboshed my last article for them, the guys at BetUS have invited me back to write a weekly feature on what’s up in the MMA world. We’ll see if this weekly feature lasts longer than other weekly features I’ve done for other websites. The last one I did got yanked faster than Dog the Bounty Hunter after that whole racist phone tirade thing!

This week we touch quickly on Ultimate Fight Night and then delve into Yamma Pit Fighting and why no sane people want to offer up odds on the show. I know, we’re going Yamma crazy around here! But it’s so fun to say. Say it outloud with me: YAMMA YAMMA YAMMA! Fun, huh? Now click here and read my fucking article.