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New steroids movie coming out soon

There’s an interesting movie coming out very soon that’s all about steroid use which looks pretty damned interesting. The bad news is it’s produced by Michael Moore, meaning it’s probably going to be overly politicized. The good news from the preview is that it also looks at the moral and health questions attached to the drugs. I’m a huge anti-steroids guy, mainly because even though I haven’t been a pro wrestling fan since I was 15, I still heard about all the guys I used to love as a kid keeling over and dying in their mid-thirties.

  • Omomatta says:

    That guys arms are silly.

  • catch says:

    Michael Moore movies seem a bit too sensationalistic to be, even when the topics they deal with are completely legitimate. And yeah, any pro wrestling fan has more than enough reason to be up in arms about the dangers of steroid abuse. Also, Fightlinker, if you read this, you screwed up on the scoring for the BETUS contest, read the comments on your aptly named EPIC EPICAC FAIL post.

  • that looks pretty damn good. Michael Moore’s on the health band wagon now.

  • Gong says:

    Other than being overly politicized or sensationalized, it’s also gonna be biased as fuck. As catch mentioned, he’s already playing towards the popular opinion and he still can’t afford to be a bit more professional in his docus.

  • dude says:

    Actually, the guy who actually made it is a follower of power lifting, and his brother is a pretty well known power lifter/steroid user. Ive heard the film follows him on a cycle as well.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Trust me, somewhere in this film the point will be made that Republicans and/or the Bush Administration are responsible for steroid use in the U.S. I can’t stand Michael Moore and his liberal agenda. As if we needed that fat f#@k to remind us that illegal steroid use is bad.

  • Looks sweet. I’ll watch it.

  • tophw says:

    From IMDB and Wiki, Michael Moore has nothing to due with the film. He’s not even listed as a producer on Wiki’s page on the film. Where did you get Michael Moore’s name from?

  • MarleyMarl says:

    This looks really interesting, I’ve watched a few doco’s about steroids, and some people don’t reckon they are that bad but some people use put like 100x the amount of shit/testosterone that there body produces naturally into there body haha.

    Michael Moore on the other hand, if this film is by him, I like watching his doco’s but he does cut/edit shit like interviews ect to get his view across, which is dodge as.

  • el feo XIII says:

    “There’s an interesting movie coming out very soon that’s all about steroid use which looks pretty damned interesting.”
    Hmmm, interesting.
    I wouldn’t be surprised about Bush taking a steroid shot up his ass at one point or another.

  • swarmofkillermonkeys says:

    Doesn’t it seem a little ironic that Michael Moore is starting to lecture us about healthy living. I’m just saying… does the guy not own a mirror or something?

    Good subject tho. I hope he puts the smack down on abusers, but at least addresses the complicated issue of people recovering from injuries and questionably enhancing drugs.