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NEW ROXY SHIRT and 2 for 30 sale!

At long last the new Fightlinker / FL Media store is up and we’re very excited to debut it with three new shirts including a new Roxanne Modafferi shirt! As with the last shirt we did for her, all proceeds go directly to Roxy so not only do you get a sweet shirt, you get a sweet feeling in your heart knowing you’re supporting one of the best female fighters in the world!

Also, we’re doing a 2 for 30 sale right now: if you buy two shirts, we subtract $10 off your order, which works out to 30 bucks shipping included. And with several new shirts debuting today, the only thing that’ll be hard is deciding which ones you wanna buy!

So go CHECK OUT THE STORE and become a RoxyFight School Alumni!

  • Sanjay says:

    So I’ve heard of this system and have asomlt bought it but decided that I’ve heard too many negative comments about it to purchase. I’ve heard about the 3 team betting scheme where you bet on one team and if you lose you bet more on them the next bet and then repeat that one more time. I am going to use this system eventually to see if it actually works but I was wondering if anyone that receives his picks in an email would be kind enough to forward them to me. My email is Thanks