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New Roxy Interview

New interview with our favorite female fighter Roxanne Modafferi over at Middle-Easy:

Watching your fights you’re pretty scrappy…

That has changed actually; it used to be uh, “GET HER! GET HER! GET HER! DAAHHH!” But it was a little too serious and I got really tense and I lost a few times so I try to change my mind set to, “This makes me happy, I love to do this, it’s fun”. And I changed my music from like death metal entrance music to like happy-go-lucky music and I felt more into it and more like I can focus easier; so I just look at it as, “I love it, I just love it”. I try to focus on, you know, of course beating my opponent; she’s enemy #1 for the next whatever how many minutes and try to relax and do what I love.

On a side note, I was just thinking how annoying it is that Roxy’s two fights from 2008 aren’t on Youtube. She beat the fuck out of Vanessa Porto and KO’d her standing with knees to defend her FFF belt in March 2008 and dominated Chisa Yonezawa in November, locking in submissions in both rounds only to have Yonezawa get saved by the bell. Before that, her last night of fighting was a long one – three fights in one night. And in the finals she beat Marloes Coenen, who is one of the top 5 fighters at 145 pounds. Keep in mind Roxy is a 135 pounder.

Long story short … Roxy is awesome and only getting more awesome. I just wish she had a outlet to show it off more often.