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New Jersey gets GSP / Hardy

According to several sites, Georges St Pierre vs Dan Hardy will happen at UFC 111 in March. The location: New Jersey, aka Guido Ground Zero! This is interesting since Dana was originally talking up Vegas as the venue for the fight. Perhaps these numbers from UFC 106 have something to do with the switch:

This past weekend’s UFC 106 event drew 10,529 attendees for a $3,003,250 paid gate at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

However, 3,898 tickets (worth an additional $2,331,250) were issued complimentary. A total of 6,631 tickets were sold that accounted for the $3,003,250 gate.

Complimentary tickets accounted for 37 percent of the total attendance with an average comp ticket price of $598.06. The average paid ticket price was $452.91.

Yep, nearly 40% of the people at the show were there for free, and the average value of their comp tickets was worth more than the value of the people who actually paid. That seems a bit fucked up to me. But Vegas always seemed like a fairweather fight town to me … you have a big fight and everyone comes out to support but you practically have to pay people to attend WEC events and now even Tito / Forrest ain’t enough to sell a respectable amount of tickets.

But it’s not all Vegas’ fault. The card was kinda crippled after the Brock thing, the economy is still shit, and it’s not like the UFC has been adjusting ticket prices to make things easier for fans. Perhaps a few events with less than spectacular attendance and buyrates (also not so hot) will convince the UFC that they need to adjust their prices through this little plague of injuries and non-title events. I think a price adjustment would help fans make the attitude adjustment they need to make in order to enjoy fights like Randy Couture / Mark Coleman and Rashad Evans / Thiago Silva without feeling like they’re getting ripped off.