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New Japanese female fight org!

With the demise of Smackgirl in Japan, things were looking pretty grim for women’s MMA. There was talk of Smackgirl reshuffling and coming back, but after several date changes and finally an indefinite delay I think it’s safe to say that Smackgirl is down and out for the moment.

So it’s good to be able to say that another organization has stepped up in Japan to help things along. Cage Force will be putting on a double header event on November 8th, with the first show being VALKYRIE EX 01 (don’t you love how half the promotions out there sound like mech-warriors?). This show will be 100% dedicated to female fighters, with 8 fights planned for the card.

As with all things Japanese and some things regarding female MMA, I emailed Roxy to find out what she was hearing ‘on the ground’ and here’s what she sent me:

GCM is running the show.  They chose Yasuko Mogi (a BJJ practicioner mainly, who’s done some MMA) to work behind the scenes.  They chose her because she has a lot of connections with the female MMA world. And she’s kind of neutral, so the president of GCM Mr. Kubo thought it’d be better to bring her in.

Also, Mr. Nagao (I don’t know his first name), nicknamed “Memo 8,” was imported from Smack Girl.  He used to do match making, etc from them just as Smack Girl went down.  (There are rumors Smack found a sponsor, but then they pulled out.  Poor Smack…) GCM chose Yuka Tsuji (19-1) to headline the first card November 8th.  They also mentioned V Hajime is going to be fighting. I hope not Tsuji, because V is 3-1.