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New Fitch seems a lot like Old Fitch

Leading up to UFC 111, Jon Fitch told a lot of people that he felt a finish against Thiago Alves would prove that he was ready to fight Georges St Pierre again. I agreed completely with that statement, but of course also thought Fitch had about as much chance of finishing the Pitbull as I have of heaving my sweaty loins on top of Rachelle Leah.

Now Fitch has decided he’s going to pull out some title fight talk even though he won another dreary decision, and against unranked Ben Saunders instead of Thiago Alves to boot. Now let me just say this: there’s no shame in winning a decision win, but when you’re trying to build the case that you’re a different fighter than the Fitch who lost to Georges St Pierre in 2008, four decision fights from the same old Fitch is not very compelling evidence.

Here’s what Dana White said about Fitch:

“He’s in the mix,” White said. “There’s no doubt he’s in the mix.” In fact, White had another idea for Fitch: a fight with Josh Koscheck, who next meets Paul Daley in a likely No. 1 contender’s bout at UFC 113. “Maybe we do [Fitch] and Koscheck for the No. 1 (contender),” said White, who’s long expressed dissatisfaction withe concept of fighters not wanting to fight their teammates.

Would Fitch be open to that – a fight with a fellow top contender who also happens to be one of his closest teammates? “Nah,” he said.

“Well then, he doesn’t want the title shot that bad then,” White shot back.

“If that fight had to happen, it’d happen at our gym with the doors closed,” Fitch said.

Never one to miss a good sound bite, White couldn’t help himself. “That would make a lot of money,” White deadpanned.

Those invisioning a situation where Dana White decides to turn things on their head just so he can force Fitch and Koscheck to fight now are likely to be disappointed. The UFC sounds like they’re already prepping for Koscheck vs GSP, not just as a fight but as the next coaching team-up for The Ultimate Fighter. I’m down for the fight, not so down for the coaching. That’d set Georges’ next fight up somewhere around December 2010, which just sucks.