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New Dana talking point

Dana White updates his NASCAR/GASCAR joke:

“Hey Jared (Shaw), you’re 60 million dollars in the hole, retard. Get over it. These idiots pop up and they start throwing all this money around and they think they’re going to come out and go head to head and compete with the UFC? It’d be like me starting a fast food joint saying ‘I’m going to take down McDonald’s’.”

Playing devil’s advocate here … if I could sign the Big Mac away from McDonalds, I might try and run a competing chain. Besides, I think ProElite has accepted the fact that they represent the White Castle / Krystal element of the fight world: Trashy garbage that makes you feel sick for eating it, but for some reason you still keep going there.

Fuck, now I want to stuff my face with sliders. But the meat they use at those places is so low grade you can’t even legally operate a Krystal in Canada :-(