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New BetUS page is up

We don’t have lots of relationships with MMA-related companies. Lots of them write to us and tell us how much they love what we do, but when we ask if they wanna do some business they say the whole “cock balls motherfucker” attitude we take isn’t really something they can publicly support. And hey, that’s cool. We don’t mind. But when a company comes along and does want to work with us, they earn a whole new level of respect from me.

Thus far there’s three groups that have helped us turn this site from a hobby into a proper business and allowed us to do what we do full time: Fighters Only Magazine, Sportgenic marketing, and BetUS. Right now I’m gonna talk about BetUS.

Not only do we have that standard deal where people sign up and we get money from it, but Damon from BetUS has been instrumental in pimping us out, landing us radio gigs, spreading the word, and hiring me to write columns and stuff for them whenever anything comes up. In short, when everyone was telling me I was a fucking retard for trying to live off the site, Damon was helping us make ends meet. If it wasn’t for the sexy threesome of star member donations, shirt sales, and BetUS money, I’d probably be back at some shitty desk job right now instead of in my underwear at 3 in the afternoon talking shit about MMA.

Anyways, the original point of this article was to point out that BetUS has completely overhauled their website, and it’s about 1000% times better. Before, it was a pain in the ass to dig through their sportsbook to get to the MMA, but now you can see everything at a glance. Like here’s all the MMA they’ve got, all on one page and accessible at a click of a button. Here’s all the UFC 87 odds, and here’s all the EliteXC odds for this weekend.

Last but not least, here’s where you’ll find all the shit I write for them, from my “This Week in MMA” columns to my irresponsible betting picks for upcoming shows. You should see two new articles by me going up in the next 24 hours.

Anyways, I just wanted to throw out some love and EXPLAIN a bit why we throw out that love. Fightlinker couldn’t survive without a combination of jackal power and corporate whoring, so we’re very happy that the people we whore with are all very cool and love the site as much as you guys.