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Never underestimate the power of PAT

Here’s Sam Caplan’s opinion on the Chuck Liddell / Rashad Evans fight this weekend:

What’s going to happen is that if Evans attempts to take Liddell down, he will find that his wrestling is not high-caliber enough to solve “The Iceman’s” sprawl. Liddell will keep it standing and at some point Evans will have no choice but to engage in the striking aspect of the fight. At that point, he will come up on the short end of the stick and find himself helplessly staring up at the lights towards the end of the first round courtesy of a Liddell overhand right.

I agree with Sam on the outcome of the fight if Evans tries to wrestle or strike with Chuck. But there’s a third option that Rashad’s camp has already effectively implemented against the Iceman before: the Pussy Ass Technique. You’ll remember Keith Jardine’s PAT display at UFC 76, which used leg kicks and backpeddling and defensive attacking to frustrate the former champ. If you ask me, it’s the possibility of this bullshit tactic that keeps the odds on Chuck vs Rashad so close together in all the sportsbooks.