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“Never Submit” will “Never be Made”

If you’ve been reading MMA news for the past year, then you’re familiar with the often mentioned but never materialized MMA movie “Never Submit”. Press release after press release after press release, but never anything to show for it. Well, other than the damn press releases. Anyways, guess what we have today? ANOTHER PRESS RELEASE!

This one is a bit different because now it’s a press release saying Imperia is being sued over this non-existant movie. I won’t bore you with the details, you can check it out yourself. At this point I think most people have come to the realization that even if this movie gets made it would be a total peice of shit.

If you’re having doubts about that just go and check out their website, which looks like it was made by a 6 year old / an autistic person / a team of autistic 6 year olds. Take your pick. But what can you expect from a company like Imperia, who’s biggest release was a movie about a six year old girl and her pet seal?