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Never Mind The Monday Announcement, Here’s The Notorious CRS

1908: Jack Johnson breaks through racism in the world of boxing to become the first black boxing champion, defeating Tommy Burns for the world heavyweight championship. The fight was so brutal, with Johnson repeatedly picking Burns back up after knock downs to beat on him some more, that all filming of the fight was stopped before the 14th round KO. White people lose the sport for nearly 100 years.

1999: Kevin Randleman becomes the first black (well, in a Carlton Banks kind of way) mixed martial arts champion, defeating Pete Williams for the vacant UFC heavyweight title. Champion Bas Rutten retired rather than face Randleman again, having won one of the most controversial decisions in MMA history against him. The African American community disowns Randleman for his rumored homosexual relationship with life partner Mark Coleman.

2009: “The Notorious” CRS becomes the first promininent black MMA writer on the internet. Even Obama is touched by the moment.

That’s right, after a year of blog responses so long if you string a weeks worth of them together they make War And Peace look like a Simon and Schuster published Biography For Kids, I’m finally on the front page.

So you’re saying to yourself “Why did they let this long-winded asshole on the staff?! Isn’t he just going to drive away readers, get Ryan sued for slander weekly and kill all hopes of ever having Fightlinker respected?” Probably. But there is a higher purpose to me being here. I am here to educate the masses at all costs. And plus Ryan doesn’t even give a fuck about Fightlinker anymore now that he’s cashing Rupert Murdoch checks. So he’s willing to gamble the site dying in a sea of hate mail and civil litigation if I can open eyes to the truth.

You see, Mixed Martial Arts is still a young sport. 75% of the fan base have been watching it less than 5 years. So there’s a lot of obvious ignorance to the sport even from people who spend a lot of time focusing on it. But don’t feel bad, it’s not your faults. And I’m not here to shame you for being a TUF n00b, or worse yet a Sports Illustrated cover n00b (until you start riding that bitch ass Machida’s dick. Then it’s on.) I’m just here to offer a little tough love, insight and education. Think of me like one of those angry black drill sergeants that used to be on Jenny Jones “Scared Straight” episodes. Sure, they make teenagers who think they’re hard shake and cry like little bitches, but it’s for the greater good. Think of my venom as tough love. Think of my insults as whispering sweet nothings into your ears. Think of my verbal pimp slaps as tender kisses. Think of the proverbial size 13 Air Jordan I’ll put up your ass for questioning my knowledge as a friendly pat on the back. Think of the tears you’ll shed as the April showers that bring spring flowers.

No, it won’t be easy for you. But as the cliche says, without pain there can be no gain. But if you stick with me you’ll gain the ability to also viciously insult people you don’t know over internet message boards for no real reason. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.