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Nevada to layeth the smack down on juicers

With the UFC sitting back and saying “We have to abide by what the sanctioning bodies tell us”, I figured we’d never end up seeing random drug testing of MMA fighters outside of the standard pre and post fight stuff. But now it looks like Nevada has taken the lead on this issue and is about to put the fucking smack down on any juicer who plans on fighting in Vegas:

Random testing throughout the year will further deter any fighters considering taking non-approved substances,” said Executive Director Kizer. “The additional testing, which will be paid for by the Commission, will help us keep the sport of unarmed combat safe and fair for all fighters.”

Selection of licensees for testing will be made in one of three ways:
1. Fighters may be randomly chosen for testing.
2. If there is some indication that a fighter is taking a non-approved substance, they may be tested.
3. If a fighter has previously tested positive for using a non-approved substance, they may be tested.

Oh fucking god yes. For those of you unfamiliar with how steroids work, here’s an ultra simplified explanation: all steroids have a half-life, which is to say a point where the steroid can no longer be detected by testing. Most fighters just juice up till that point before a fight so that by the time they get tested, they seem clean. Basically, up until this point the only people getting caught using steroids are the ones who are pretty damned stupid.

Random drug testing on the other hand is going to catch a big fuckload of fighters. Of course, I’m wondering how the tests will be carried out. Is someone from the NSAC going to be flying all over the world testing fighters for upcoming events? Are they simply going to be demanding piss and blood be FedEx’d to them? There’s still the possibility of loopholes that fighters will be able to exploit to avoid getting caught. But overall I’m fucking hyped about this. The last thing I want is the MMA turning into the Tour de France.

(funny side note: I typed ‘steroid user’ into google to find a good title picture for this post and Sean Sherk’s picture came up on the first page of results. I saw that as a sign.)

  • Atom says:

    Anyone else expecting less mma in Nevada?

  • I dunno … California was by far the worst AC to work with so far and that hasn’t affected the number of shows there.

    Besides, less MMA in Las Vegas = more MMA within driving range for me :-)

  • dignan says:

    You guys are such jerks. It’s obvious Sherk was telling the truth. Just take a look at that picture…anyone who works out hard and stays dedicated to their diet can look like that.

    Sean “Average Joe” Sherk.

  • Steve4192 says:

    #1 – It won’t matter.

    NSAC is going to be randomly testing anyone who is licensed to fight in Nevada, regardless of whether they are booked for an upcoming fight in the state. 90% of the guys on the UFC roster are already licensed to fight in Nevada.

  • Mapultoid says:

    #4, yes, Ruhl isn’t QUITE that big in real life.

  • shanaconda says:

    #5 I was trying to clarify if they could test any licensee any time. Which would be awesome. Or if they could only test when a bout was announced. This has to be in direct response to Sherk, I’m glad they don’t have their heads too far up their asses.
    #4 Isn’t that the guy who injected his muscles with some solution for ridiculoso effects until he got horrible cellulitis. Sterile technique people.

  • derreck says:

    Looks like MMA will be leaving Nevada and when Dana’s asked he’ll reply with something “F^*K that no F^%CKING way we are just expanding our markets into south Africa or something..

  • Xavier says:


    Dana won’t care, they just didn’t want the expense themselves. Dana isn’t pro-juicer anymore than any of we are.

    This is the best news. I can’t wait for this to impact the MMA scene. This is fucking awesome. Yay NSAC!

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    They’ll do it the same way everyone does it (NFL etc). They call you up, they give you 48 hours to find a Quest Diagnostics shop and if you don’t show, it’s the same as failing the test.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    The NSAC stepping up and doing random testing is great. The UFC can’t be trusted with this sort of thing. It would be a conflict of interest. It’s bad enough that the UFC talks as if they are holier-than-thou because they “embrace athletic commissions” but then they hold events in the UK where they don’t have to answer to any commission. This has to suck for Nevada taxpayers though since they will have to be funding this policy. Maybe Nevada will tax/ask for larger fees from fighter licensees and licensed promoters to cover the costs?

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    This is a good move, however I guarantee that the moment it actually starts working (fighters get caught) the UFC will do something about it. The UFC will fight them the moment a lot of fighters get a bad rep.

  • The NSAC is flush with cash … they get a % of gate and ppv from all fights inside their territory. So I wouldn’t worry about the taxpayers … the NSAC makes way more money than it will ever cost. I’m glad they’re investing some of it into the health of the sports they’re commissioned to regulate.

  • Grass Hoppa says:

    #12 I don’t believe the UFC can afford to do that. They are affter mainstream acceptance and going against NSAC will not give them that. They need to come out and support this whole-heartedly to gain more respect of the average person who does not know the sport. They need to appear not indifferent, but 100% for this.

  • MJC_123 says:

    With more and more fighters likely to get caught and in turn atheletes from across the globe, it brings the dream of a sanctioned “Steroid Olympics” one-step closer, with the 100meteres being ran in 4seconds and MMA fights lasting 20rounds…….

    The only problem with this is no-one wants to watch Sherk lie on top of someone else all roided up for 20 rounds so lets hope he stays clean from now on.