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Nevada doesn’t feel like testing for steroids

It’s pretty cool that Nevada has the ability to call fighters up a month before a fight and tell them to submit a piss test. The standard fight weekend drug tests are a joke to beat, and out of competition testing is a great way to catch guys who rely on timed steroid cycles to test clean. The only problem is is that the state never seems to use it.

None of the fighters who competed on the two recent UFC events in the state of Nevada were asked to take out-of-competition drug tests prior to the events, according to Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer.

A total of 20 fighters competed on the UFC’s “Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale” in Las Vegas on June 19, including one fighter who has previously tested positive for anabolic steroids (Chris Leben), but none of these 20 fighters had to take an out-of-competition drug test.

A total of 22 fighters competed at UFC 116 in Las Vegas on July 3, including two fighters who have previously tested positive for anabolic steroids (Chris Leben and Stephan Bonnar), but none of these 22 fighters had to take an out-of-competition drug test.

Let’s all just admit at this point that most commissions are doing the bare minimum required of them to catch steroid cheats. I’m still not sure if that makes me happy or sad – a sudden shift towards effective testing would probably beat our sport up worse than Cris Cyborg beat up Jan Finney, so we don’t need a witch hunt. But these incremental changes and tightening test requirements were supposed to put athletes on notice that the days of nearly idiot-proof juicing were over. Instead it’s looking like it’s business as usual for steroid cheats.