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Nevada clears Coleman to fight

I was kinda wondering why the UFC took so long to finally announce Mark Coleman vs Stephan Bonnar. It turns out that Mark had to convince the Nevada State Athletic Commission that he wouldn’t turn in another abortion of a performance at UFC 100. Here’s NSAC head Keith Kizer summing up the situation:

“We mentioned that [Coleman] had quite a layoff before he fought Rua,” Kizer said. “We mentioned that he kind of ran out of gas in the third round and got stopped.

“Obviously with his age and his inactivity and the fact that he’s lost four of his past six bouts, there was definitely a concern. [The NSAC] asked, ‘What’s your plan for this fight?’ And to his credit, he owned up and said, ‘Look, I need to train harder and be in better shape.

‘My plan is I’m moving to Las Vegas this weekend and I have offers to train with Frank Mir’s group. I have offers to train with Wanderlei Silva’s group. I have offer to train with Randy Couture’s group. I definitely plan on taking advantage of that, and I plan to be here from this upcoming weekend through the fight. I’ll be Las Vegas, and I’ll be training constantly here with one or more of those groups.’

“That was good to see him have a very good gameplan.”

That’s a whole bunch of really calm and rational talk right there that really disassociates you from the reality of the situation. Mark “kind of running out of gas” should actually be “Mark has consistently runs out of gas since 1997 and consistently eats it hardcore soon after.” The “Look, I need to train harder” bit should read “Nothing I can do in the next three months can fix what 30 years of wrestling, fighting and god knows what kind of pharmaceuticals have done.”

Still, at least Vegas has training partners who aren’t also prepping for wrestling meets. So that’s an improvement. I don’t see it helping Coleman much, though. I just can’t see someone coming off such a terrible performance bouncing back that much. Can you believe they were actually going to put this guy up against Brock Lesnar? Holy shit.