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NEF sues CSAC for all the money in the world

New Era Fighting tends to send out a lot of stupid press releases, but the one they released yesterday is actually pretty interesting: they’re suing the CSAC for (insert Dr Evil smirk) 500 million dollars.The lawsuit is the result of the CSAC’s cease and desist order, issued only minutes prior to NEF’s much publicized scheduled tryouts July 19 in Montebello, which forced the cancellation of NEF’s tryouts. The CSAC claimed Kort wasn’t a licensed promoter despite having approved his application, awarding him a promoter’s license, and cashed his renewal check ($1000) for 2007 (copies available upon request).

Okay, so 500 million dollars is just slightly retarded. But if what the NEF is saying is true, the CSAC could be in trouble. We here at Fightlinker aren’t exactly the biggest fans of the CSAC … we’re pro-regulation but anti-asshole. The NSAC and NJAC are generally okay in our books but the number of retardo things the CSAC has done over the past year is just insane. A monkey with a pogo stick could run a better commission.

So based on what we know from the CSAC, it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that they shut down NEF’s tryouts out of hand. On the other hand, this press release could be blowing smoke up our asses. Perhaps tryouts need to be registered and overseen by the commission and this wasn’t done? And the ‘last second ruling’ could have just been the end result of weeks worth of warning notices from the CSAC.

Hey, I hate the CSAC and want Armando Garcia to go blow a goat. But I’m not about to believe the word of a freakshow promotion like NEF over the word of a freakshow commission like the CSAC. I’d rather just label them both morons and move on.

500 million. Seriously. Why not just sue for a bajillion-zillion dollars. My three year old can be the judge, and we can line our dolls up to be the jury. But we’ll have to take a recess for lunch, my mom will make us chicken nuggets and fries! Awesome.