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Near riot in Montreal

Nope, not over UFC 97 tickets … this was at former TKO head Stephan Patry’s new ‘Strikeboxing’ event. Word is the Quebec athletic commission didn’t end up approving the hybrid rules for the ‘stand up only’ event, so they regulated the show with MMA rules. The promoter had to pull an EliteXC and ask all the fighters nicely to keep the fights off the ground.

Not one single fight had any ground fighting until the main event. Former Pride and EliteXC veteran James Thompson vs. Former hockey enforce Steve Bosse took to the cage. Right away Thompson shot in on Bosse and took him to the ground. He then moved to side mount and starts raining down punches and elbows on Bosse. Eventually landing in full mount with more punches and elbows. Referee Yves Lavigne had no choice but to let the fight continue, since technically it was an MMA fight.

The fans began booing, not realizing what was happening and eventually tossed beer cans into the cage as the fight played out. Then a few chairs were thrown into the ring as a near riot broke out. Referee Yves Lavigne was forced to call a stop to the action and finally had to throw Bosse out of the cage for tossing a beer can at Thompson.

The fight was scored a no contest and from the sounds of things, it is unlikely Strike Box will be able to hold another event in Quebec again.

Let’s play a game of pin the blame. Who do you pick: the promoter Stephan Patry for not getting the new rules ratified? The commission for rejecting the rules they knew about since the initial press conference last month? Or James Thompson for not playing ball and taking his opponent down? I like to imagine that this was one big recipe for disaster, and it needed all three ingredients to hit it’s full flavor potential.