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Nate Quarry’s screwtastic face surgery

Nate Quarry got smashed up pretty badly in his last fight against Jorge Rivera. Rivera will continue his run through the middleweight brawler sub-division at UFC 118 against Alessio Sakara. Nate Quarry will spend the next half a year waiting for his facebones to heal:

“After the last fight I had some bones that were kind of floating around and we thought it would be best to kind of put those back where they belonged, screw them down, titanium mesh, all that kind of stuff,” Quarry told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

The surgery placed screws in Quarry’s face and will remain there permanently. While he’s still helping out friends like Chris Leben prepare for fights, he’s not able to take any damage to the face while he’s healing up.

“I’ve got 13 screws in my face and titanium mesh,” said Quarry. “I’m not going to be taking too many shots to the face for a while, it’s still got to heal up.”

“Well, they say for bones to heal, like if you break your arm, at six months it’s at 100 percent or even stronger than it was before. Right now I’m five weeks since my surgery, so I’ve still got quite a ways to go,” he stated.

At least Quarry isn’t in the same boat as Tito Ortiz. He was the one who recommended spinal fusion to Ortiz after getting his own back fixed in 2006. So while having half your face held together with a metal netting obviously isn’t good, it’s better than getting neck speculum’d and chisel fucked.