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Nate Marquardt will tell us what’s up on Tuesday

When the whole Nate Marquardt Mystery Cancellation / Firing happened, I said hey, don’t worry. Pittsburgh is crawling with MMA media, there’s no way we won’t know what the fuck is up with Marquardt by the end of the weekend. Yet here we are, back at work on Monday morning with no definitive answers!

The Pennsylvania athletic commission did however share some information that goes a long way towards explaining why Nate was fired, though:

According to Sirb, Marquardt and the UFC were notified that he had not met the necessary medical requirements as of six weeks ago. He was given up until an hour before weigh-ins on Saturday to resolve the situation, but he was never able to clear things up.

“Nate has known for probably about a month and a half. He knew the situation. It was no surprise. Everybody (including the UFC) knew. Everybody’s known. I think everybody assumed he was going to be able to qualify,” Sirb said.

“I thought he would (qualify); I really did.”

Because of strict medical privacy rules in the state of Pennsylvania the commission is unable to provide any details as to what Marquardt did not complete prior to the Saturday deadline.

“We’ve known about it and we gave him every opportunity. The last report we got was three o’clock (Saturday). We gave him as much leeway as we could. Obviously we’ve got a live event, you’ve got to make the call. The UFC made the call when we said no he’s not going to meet it,” Sirb commented.

So even though we don’t know WHY Nate didn’t pass his medicals, the dude had six weeks to sort his shit out and he didn’t get’r done. Even if this was nothing more than forgetting to fax a couple of pieces of paperwork, pooching the main event of a fight card seems like reasonable grounds for a firing.

But it’s not a couple of pieces of paperwork, otherwise we’d know by now that it’s just a couple of pieces of paperwork. There’s some tantalizing secret behind the medical clearance Marquardt couldn’t take care of. It’s so personal that at least some of the media in Pittsburgh knows what’s up but are waiting for Marquardt to address it.

Nate’s camp released a statement during the event saying he ‘will personally be addressing all issues this Tuesday.’ Hopefully he doesn’t 180 and pull a Shane Carwin, although it’s not like he can show up several months later pretending nothing happened like Carwin did.

My take on what happened after the jump.
Doctor: What’s that on your lips?
Nate: Uuuuuh … nothing.
Doctor: Its not herpes, is it?
Nate: Um, not really. Er, no! Of course not!
Doctor: I’m gonna need a doctor’s note confirming that.
Nate: FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU… I mean, sure, no problem!

  • glassjawsh says:

    why would a doctor need a doctor’s note? he’s a doctor

  • malonth says:

    I agree with Letibleu. It has to be something like that, a Chael Sonnen situation. At least Chael did not get fired by the UFC. The number of guys still popped for PEDs tells me many, many more are using them and not getting caught.

  • aaronb says:

    Mat Herpes?

  • Letibleu says:

    He is on a substance that is considered to belong under the PED umbrella. He tried to slip it by the commission by letting them know ahead of time he was on it and had a valid reason. When they dug he never could get a doctor anywhere to vouch that there was a medical reason to be on it.

    He refused to take a piss test cause he knew he would be flagged positive and failed to materialize paperwork that would have given a medical reason to have that substance in his blood.

    He told the UFC and the commission he had papers and dragged it out up until the UFC had to pull the trigger. The amount of money lost and the fucking around (lying) caused them to have no choice but to sever ties with him.


  • CAP says:

    I was just frustrated watching the show that they didn’t address SHIT. All of a sudden Nate is a scratch and they seemed to gloss over it. I wasn’t really paying full attention when fights weren’t on so maybe I missed it. But getting the axe makes it sound pretty serious.

  • lukustra says:

    I mean im not 100% on this but its pretty obvious whats going on. nate has pooped for banned substances before and commisions will often test fighters who have had previous run ins early to make sure alll their blood work is done and checks out. Nate had to most likely bring a recent report of clean bloodwork, had 6 weeks to do it, and never got it done. might mean he was taking something, which isnt out of the ordinary for someone cutting down a weight class. most people here think that sterioids will only make you huge so why would he be taking sterioids. most ppl dont realize there as many anabloics for cutting as for bulking. he was probably taking tren or something to maintain his muscle mass and lose any excess body fat he had. not out of the ordinary for someone who has worked hard to build muscle mass.

  • aaronb says:

    Could have been a diuretic?

  • dawgbone says:

    Unless athletic drug testing falls under a different umbrella in Pennsylvania and is considered medical, I’m almost certian it isn’t drug related but instead medically related.

    Maybe it’s a case of ring worm (or some other transferable skin ailment) that he didn’t get fixed on time.

  • G Funk says:

    ^Yeah it makes sense that Dana would fire someone and be furious over a skin ailment.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Wonder if there’s any truth to this post on the UG:


    The scoop on Marquardt…..

    From: Naderhood
    Posted: 1 hour ago
    Member Since: 12/27/08
    Posts: 4030

    First off, I think it sucks for him because he had a really good shot at being successful. But the word is, and I’m sure this will be reported nationally very soon……

    He got busted for Testosterone Creme by the commission. He got hooked up with the creme by a doc in Denver. The commission busted him and thats why Dana was so pissed and cut him because he got busted for PED’s.

    I cant name my source and I know you guys hate that, but its legit. Not a troll and not fighter bashing, but I got this straight from an individual who was there.

    Good luck to Nate, I hope he gets a good shot to redeem himself in another org.

  • P W says:

    “I was just frustrated watching the show that they didn’t address SHIT.”

    During the pre-show they did have a lenghty discussion about it. Not that I watched the whole thing because they didn’t know anything for sure and were just speculating.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I think the most likely outcome is that Nate was waiting for a prescription and diagnosis paperwork from Doctor Zarnekee, but he was busy playing Duke Nukem 4evah and forgot to get back to him in time.  Nate kept calling but the Doc got baked and fell asleep on his phone – the touch screen went on and burned his battery out.  These things happen in MMA.

  • CAP says:

    Thanks PW.

    Since nature made me manly enough I don’t know shit about PEDs but I assume there are plenty of things to use that can go undetected in a piss test, like HGH or whatever. So how stupid do you have to be to get caught now a days. Ginger stoopid.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Marquardt wasn’t “caught” for anything.

    The comission was aware of the situation for six weeks and was hoping that Marquardt would do what he needed to pass his medicals. This would not be their statement if he was busted for PED’s last minute (and if it was that simple word would have leaked by now).

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:


    According to the commission’s website, while in the course of applying for a license, a professional fighter must provide a negative HIV, Hepatits C and Hepatitis B surface antigen exam. They must also provide the results of an annual medical exam. That exam is wide-ranging and covers potential issues related to vision, lungs, heart rate, the nervous system, coordination and more that could disqualify a fighter from competition. In addition, there is language in the regulations that offers the commission the latitude to request other exams. The stated medical requirements are similar to those of other states, including Nevada and New Jersey.

    All of the test aforementioned results are considered the fighter’s private medical information and kept confidential under federal HIPAA laws. Federal or Pennsylvania state law does not, however, prohibit disclosure of a positive drug test result, nor the type of drug which led to a confirmed positive test.

    Sirb confirmed that if Marquardt had failed a drug test, the commission would have released those findings.

    “I’ve been here 22 years and we do not embarrass anybody,” he said. “But we would have said, ‘drug test.'”

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Maybe he was training with Aleks…

  • iamphoenix says:

    it’s tuesday in korea and nate hasn’t said anything about this yet.

  • matthewpolly says:

    I’m not buying PEDs. The commission said it wasn’t drug test related, which means medical. Herpes seems too simple and Dana wouldn’t banish a headliner forever for a cold sore. The way everyone is dancing around about privacy laws and feeling “disgusted” makes me think it’s something deadly serious and incurable, like HIV. Like he tested positive but said it was a false positive. The commission said you need to get tested again to prove that to us and then he kept saying he was just about to do it and then never did. And then Dana has to face media questions like, “How can run a blood sport when at least one of your fighters has AIDS?”

    That’s my theory, anyway. Otherwise all this secrecy makes little sense.

  • G Funk says:

    Yuck! I wonder what’s going through his training partners heads right now.

  • CAP says:

    ^^”Where’s the soap?”

  • frickshun says:

    Polly–>remember the part in your book where you said you 100% have full blown AIDS & thanks to all who purchase it b/c proceeds pay for your AZT??

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    @ Matthew – it’s a very sound theory, but that almost seems like it would be soooooooo bad that word would have leaked out (laws or not). If Marquardt got a (false) positive for AIDS and didn’t bother to take care of it it would blow my mind. I think Dana’s words would be even harsher on the guy and would probably be calling for him to blacklisted from MMA as well as telling everyone he’ll never fight in a commissioned state again. He didn’t say Nate was done as a fighter, only done in the UFC (and Dana has told us before when fighters have medical issues that are career ending without violating HIPPA laws i.e. Steve Cantwell).

    But I guess we’re going to find out in the next hour or two anyway.

    Just to throw it out there (and I have literally no idea, but of course I want to guess so if I’m actually right by some miracle I can shoot my mouth off), his issues will turn out to be…

    …a heart condition or murmur, was asked to get another opinion or medical reports to prove he was fine, didn’t bother assuming he would pass the medicals, didn’t pass the medicals, Dana flipped out as Nate said he would take care of it six weeks ago (and more than likely claimed that he did), Main Event ruined and Nate fired for lying, endangering himself and generally not taking care o’ business making the UFC look bad and hurting ratings in a war vs Spike TV.

    There it is, that’s my weak-ass guess but it makes as much sense as anything else floating around out there.



  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I fucking knew it.  HRT.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Jesus fucking christ – it’s testosterone therapy. Nate “The Giant Motherfucker” Marquardt suffers from low testosterone my ass. Even so, going on AGGRESSIVE TESTOSTERONE THERAPY three weeks before a fight seems like a terrible idea.

    What complete bullshit and after the crap with Chael he should know better. Good riddance. 

  • matthewpolly says:

    And thus ends my career as a psychic predictor for MMA. I exit stage left.