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Nate Diaz and Josh Neer go to war

You get the feeling sometimes like Joe Silva has elaborate booking schemes set up. One of those schemes probably involved Nate Diaz vs Din Thomas. Unfortunately (or fortunately after seeing tonight’s bout), no one told Josh Neer that he was supposed to lose to Din. So Neer went ahead and won.

And now we get Nate Diaz vs Josh Neer headlining a UFC Fight Night … a bit of a weird headline since Neer just made it back into the UFC, but it fucking worked out great. Nate and Josh fought the way headliners should fight – an anti Mike Swick vs Josh Burkman kinda fight.

I’m kinda curious to know what the average Spike TV watcher thought of that bout. There was enough throws and slams and strikes to keep em interested, but is this the kind of bout that gives people a taste of jits that’ll make them want more?

Personally, I can’t say enough good things about this bout. Both Nate and Josh brought it and had a good battle. I had Nate winning on aggression and control … in the second he started pushing the pace and while Neer responded well and was countering with his own, it wasn’t enough to earn him a W. Hopefully it was enough to earn him Fight of the Night too.