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Nate and Diego are moving up in the world

Typically when fighters are having a hard time in their particular weight class they end up dropping down a class. But today we have not one but two fighters going up! First off is Nate Diaz, who doesn’t think it’s worth his while to stay down at 155:

“It’s just a possibility,” Diaz today told ( “I’m not going to permanently go, but I could probably jump around. If I want to make (155 pounds) all year long and be starving and miserable for that long, I’d probably want to get paid more. Until I start getting paid more, maybe I should ease up a weight class.”

The problem with this genius idea is that in order to get paid more you have to actually win fights and Nate hasn’t been doing that at lightweight. What exactly makes him think he’ll be able to turn things around another class up? Both Joe Stevenson and Clay Guida out-muscled him but he thinks he’ll be able to handle the guys up at welterweight? Call me skeptical, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out what’s what: Nate is set to fight Rory Markham at UFC 111 in March.

Next up is Diego Sanchez, who has probably managed to convince himself that getting outstruck 150-8 by BJ Penn was the result of being in the wrong class too. He’s been tweeting nonstop over the past few days about a return to welterweight, calling out Koscheck and Fitch and even tweeting Nate Diaz suggesting they could welcome eachother to 170.

I guess when you get whupped like Diego got whupped you need to do something drastic in order to recombobulate your brain and feel like you can be a champ again. Moving to 170 makes about as much sense for Diego as it does for Nate, but since when has anything Diego ever done make sense? I’m sure he’ll feel pretty silly though when BJ moves up to welterweight later this year and the lightweight division becomes wide open.