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Mysterious November meetings explained

One of the more eyebrow raising moments of WEC 43 was when former IFL featherweight champ and general consensus big deal Wagnney Fabiano tapped out to a triangle thrown up by generally unknown purple belt named Mack ‘da Menace’ Semerzier. It was the best owning of a Brazillian BJJ expert by a noob since Kevin Burns did the same thing to Roan Carneiro back at UFC 85. So of course now we have Wagnney being a cock and saying the loss was because of an injury. But past that he also mentioned something about a big meeting in November that some people took as a sign that the WEC getting folded:

I have two more fights on the contract, now they’re taking all the athletes to Las Vegas, there’s gonna be a meeting with everybody, and suddenly, we’ll have some surprise from there. They said they’ll talk about the athletes and the event’s future, they may want to take some athletes to the UFC, I don’t know. We don’t know anything until November 1.

But don’t freak out just yet. While things seemed shaky for a while, most signs point to Zuffa deciding to let the WEC live for another year. The promotion is planning out it’s 2010 schedule, it’s stars are re-signing and preparing for 2010 fights, and Dave Meltzer fills us in on what that November meeting is all about:

The company is going to be bringing all the fighters under contract in (about 250 in all) for a series of seminars in November. The seminars are about lifestyle, behaving as a professional, financial planning, taxes, performance enhancing drugs, dealing with the media and also going over specifics of the rules of combat, such as injury time outs, what constitutes the back-of-the-head, what happens in regard to a match stopped on a foul and at what point they go to the cards. Fighters will be brought in several different groups.

This isn’t the first time Zuffa has brought it’s fighters together to teach them how to act like grown ups. They did it for sure in November 2007, although I dunno if it’s an annual or once every two years thing. Regardless, it seems like November is officially fighter education month at Zuffa HQ. So don’t count on the WEC folding just yet.