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My UFN13 betting results

I had 25 bucks riding on both Thiago Alves and Joe Lauzon going into this Fight Night, so lets see how I did! Here were the fight odds over at BetUS when I put my money down yesterday:

  • Karo Parisyan -180 vs Thiago Alves +150 : Alves wins, $25 Bet @ +150 = $37.50 won on top of the original $25
  • Kenny Florian -220 vs Joe Lauzon +180 : Florian wins, $25 lost

So on a 50 dollar investment and only getting one pick right, I still made 12.50, which will cover food and beer for next week’s Low Blow radio show. I don’t regret the Lauzon bet either … he was doing really well until he got caught in those mounts. A part of my mind still thinks Florian wasn’t damaging Lauzon enough to justify the stoppage, but that might just be my sore loser side showing. I dunno how long Lauzon was taking shots to the face, but it seemed pretty damned long.

So there you go people, I hope this little post shows you how you can still have some fun betting on fighters without having to invest lots of cash or ruining your life.

  • Lucas X says:

    Actually, I think you made $12.50… right?

  • yes. Me on not good with math.

    You know, I’m really starting to regret all those drugs i did in high school

  • Jose Bastillo says:

    Kenny hits like a feather pillow. Junky stoppage.

  • threenutsinabag says:

    um…………..didn’t u lose 12.50 then. Smoke another joint man.

  • mike o says:

    srsly only bet underdogs man

  • Nope. Here’s how it works
    +150 means on a 100$ you win 150 bucks. You put 100 on the line. You get that 100 back plus 150 bucks.

    So +150 on $25 means I won 37.50. So I get my initial bet money of $25 plus $37.50.

    So I put 50 bucks down on the event, and I ended up with $62.50.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    I’m surprised you bet against Karo. I thought the prevailing wisdom at fightlinker was that Karo is the #1 contender.

  • RaginAsian says:

    They had to stop it eventually. He wasn’t getting out, even if the punches weren’t much. It was like Hughes-Penn 2…. couldn’t let it go on forever.

    I made $22 off of a $10 bet on Rumble Johnson. I figured that Tommy Speer isn’t a jiu-jitsu person and he was probably still over-confident in his hands from KOing George on the show. I figured right.

  • Jonathan says:

    I agree with RaginAsian…the stoppage was justified. There was no reason to let Lauzon play the part of a punching bag for another minute and change. He could not get out of KenFlo’s mount, and as a result, he lost the fight. It was as much of a “submission by position” as anything else.

  • FTRO says:

    Lauzon was hurt the moment Florian spiked elbows on the back of his head. He was clearly stronger and more fluid before that happened. When I saw Lauzon come out for the 2nd he looked like his head was in the clouds already. People don’t know just how bad a “rabbit” punch or elbow to the back of the head is. I really fucks you up.

  • MacDaddy says:

    I don’t agree with the stoppage at all, Florian was barely landing anything and if he was gassed he should have been allowed to ride out the round as long as Florian couldn’t convincingly close out. This also considering mazzaggatti had already screwed him over by stopping the fight for the elbow to the back of the head, then starting them standing up after Lauzon had been on top, and he didn’t even penalize Florian!!

    I like Florian’s fighting he’s extremely skilled and aggerssive and his fights are always entertaining, but I just don’t feel that fight was really over.

  • Captain says:

    God that was so fuckin awesome seeing Karo get dropped. War monkey puncher!

  • caspersghost says:

    totally agree with the Hughes-Penn analogy. If you are getting punched at will for 2 minites straight with absolutely no way to defend yourself or fight back, you have lost the fight. J-Lau looked out of it it and didn’t get up for a while afterwards either. He did great seeing as he was fighting a more experienced, skilled, and stronger fighter.

  • Tommy says:

    I agree with you Link. All them blows and Joe didn’t even look like he got in a fight. It was a typical Kenny move. He got on top and secured position. He couldn’t finish so he tried to cut Joe’s eyebrows with a couple elbows, which Joe protected too well. So he just threw punches until the fight was stopped. Joe couldn’t escape Ken’s mount true, but Ken wasn’t doing any real damage from the position. Activity without accomplishment, closer to a stand up then a stoppage to me. It’s like manipulating the rules to finish the fight.

  • Tommy says:

    Penn was taking completely unprotected shots from Matt from a crucifix position. Joe was mounted but still able to use his arms and gloves to cover up. A little different.

  • caspersghost says:

    he was just sticking his arms straight into the air or just sticking his hands in front of his face. Flo was having no trouble hitting him in the head with his elbows. The analogy with the Penn fight is that he was completly unable to change his position or stop 90% of the shots thrown at his face. I don’t think he even had his eyes open as he was occasionally tossing his head from side to side randomly, even when no shots were being thrown. Just because he didn’t have tons of cuts doesn’t mean he wasn’t messed up when the fight was called off.