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My press conference is bigger than your press conference

Here’s what it comes down to: when you stream dueling press conferences over the internet, it’s the one that’s easier to hook into that usually wins. I’ve often said that is like herpes for your eyes, and it once again proved it’s worthlessness by dumping pretty much everyone out of Randy Couture’s press conference stream halfway in. In short: Randy’s press conference got it’s ass handed to it by the UFC.

As a result, there’s only sketchy details picked up from Fightopinion as to what happened at Randy’s show. So I’m gonna leave writing about this until tommorow when I get a chance to watch this thing for myself on HDNet. I’m getting out of here. Liveblogging for two hours has given me the world’s largest pit stains.

For now, go check out FightOpinion’s coverage of Randy’s blog. They got a few details before cocked out on them.

  • Xavier says: is nearly as big of garbage as EliteXC is.

    It’s a close race.

  • roenn says:

    i’m not saying this to be an ass or anything it’s just something i noticed- you keep spelling “tomorrow” with the wrong amount of r’s and m’s. it might be some inside joke i’m not in on but yeah, it’s just something i noticed. sorry. nice coverage though. totally dug it.

  • nem0 says:

    Yahoo vs in the battle of whose pipes* are bigger: obviously, Yahoo wins.

    Seriously, guys, web management 101: if your site doesn’t have the bandwidth, either upgrade the hell out of it or don’t do stupid media stunt shit.


  • Mobb Deep says:

    This is the best coverage of the Randy Conference I could find thus far:

    Apparently, it was not about the money, but the respect, which is shown by money and a bonus after the Gonzaga fight. Is it just me or does Randy make no sense at all.

  • Xavier says:

    If it’s in his contract that he gets a percentage of PPV profits as a “bonus”, then why wouldn’t he be asking for money that comes from his contract? Of course, he didn’t term it that way… which is confusing…

    Couture makes no sense. He should stick to fighting.

    Who would have thought that Randy Couture would ever come off more unreasonable towards the UFC than Tito Ortiz does?