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“My main goal is to NOT fight MMA again”


While Gabriel Gonzaga hasn’t officially 100% said he’s retiring, it sure doesn’t sound like he’s planning to continue fighting in MMA:

“MMA I don’t know because I’m not going to fight for cheap money, and the UFC was paying me well,” the 31-year-old Gonzaga said. “Another organization is there and I don’t know if they are interested in me or not. My main goal is to not fight MMA again, but if you have a good prize, I can be back fighting.”

“I definitely will try to fight again in ADCC and BJJ and Mundials and important grappling tournaments,” he said.

“Definitely, I can fight again but it’s not going to be soon,” Gonzaga said. “I’m not looking for right now and I don’t know they want to pay me what I think I should have to fight. So a lot of ifs, a lot of if I’m going to fight or not. It’s not completely done, but it’s not completely come back, so maybe. ‘Maybe’ is the word.”

Gonzaga was pulling in 60k to show and 60k to win, so if it’s between getting paid that outside the UFC and retirement, then retirement is a pretty safe assumption. And congrats to him on that! Too many fighters cling to their cage fighting careers like it’s a choice between that and sucking dick at the bus station for change. Gonzaga’s got his gym, he’s got his name value from a good run in the UFC, and (hopefully) a few hundred grand sitting in the bank. Why not retire?