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My last word on this steroid shit

Goddamnit I am pissed off. I’ve had to spend my time today dusting up on Nandrolone instead of riding ponies down at the ranch. This is the LAST TIME I’m gonna bring this up, and I’m just bringing it up to show what a total assface Dana White is with his ‘experts’ and his whack understanding of Nandrolone. Read this:

Olympic laboratories, tasked with ensuring that their tests are fair as well as effective, have researched natural nandrolone production regularly over the past quarter-century, the most recent study being conducted at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

There, of 621 competitors tested after competition, only five produced results where their nandrolone levels exceeded 0.1 nanograms per millilitre of urine (ng/ml).All five were women. The levels in women are marginally higher, as a result of a different hormonal make-up and use of the contraceptive pill. But the levels are still minimal. Nobody in the Nagano tests exceeded 0.4ng/ml.

This just served to confirm the IOC’s cut-off levels – a doping-control speed limit, where anything above 2ng/ml in men or 5ng/ml in women is regarded as an offence. Basic arithmetic suggests that the IOC scientists have set themselves a generous margin for error – 2ng/ml being 20 times what might be regarded as a “normal” level of nandrolone in men.

So there you go. No Dana, the average person doesn’t walk around with 6ng. He doesn’t even walk around with 2ng. The average person walks around with less than half a nanogram of Nandrolone (try saying that five times fast). And the limit was based on tests against Olympic athletes, people just as dedicated if not more to their exercise routine than Sean Sherk.

And here’s the best bit on REAL scientists being pissed off with lawyers paying for tests that back up their client’s bogus claims of innocence:

The British decision to absolve Richardson of any blame on the basis of the tests in Aberdeen infuriated Dr Christiane Ayotte, the head of the IOC lab in Montreal and the most senior drug tester on the Olympic list. “This research was not even carried out on a proper scientific basis. We test thousands of athletes every year. All of them train hard, and many of them use supplements. So why don’t they all test positive? It makes no sense.

“We have been testing for nandrolone for 25 years – do they think we don’t know what it is when we find it?”

  • hankd says:

    Good stuff man!!

  • intenso says:

    my entry for the t-shirt contest:
    “my nanogram level exceeds yours”

  • intenso says:

    make that “my Nandrolone level exceeds yours”

  • intenso says:

    make that, “my Nandrolones are off the scale”

  • Mattio says:

    how about “if you don’t have high nandrolone levels, you ain’t trying”?

  • Jonathan says:

    Wow…in depth stuff. You guys are special.

  • groda says:

    Thank you for this informative post which wholly and fully confirms what I already “knew” to be true without having done the actual research. Common sense dictates that either 6 ng/ml means that you’re on something or the the collected scientific knowledge on the subject is as stupid as a fightlinker podcast. I know which I think is true.

  • Rick Pritchard says:

    While this is true, it doesn’t mean Sherk was juicing. I would bet the ranch that he ingested supplements that weren’t purposefully spiked, but manufactured on the same machines that produced prohormones at one point.

    This has been well documented in a number of cases in the past. Both Royce’s test (and Francas) were indicative of injectable use. Sherk’s level are closer to what a contaminated sample would look like.

    If Sherk was receiving proper legal advice, he would have voluntarily submitted blood samples 1 and 2 weeks after the CSAS announced his failure to a certified lab. When taking exogenous Nandrolone by injection, the clearance of the metabolites in the blood follows a typical pattern, depending on the dose. This clearance pattern is different for someone who has an elevated level due to supplement contamination. It’s not 100% proof that he was clean, but it’s the best he can do in this case.

    The critical issue here: no matter WHY his level was elevated, it was and it’s a violation. Even if the CSAC believes is was from supplment contamination, it might not matter. You’re responsible for what you put in your body. If you take the risk of flunking the drug test, then you have to live with the consequences.

  • Rick : I completely agree with ya. Supplement contamination is my bet as well, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s guilty :-p

  • muhr says:

    The best Sean can do is get his A and B samples analysed with an IRMS, which can determine the origin of the norandrosterone. The previous test that was used, a GCMS, only checks for the presence and quantity of the offending substance.

    Also he can get his supplements indirectly tested by submitting to the CSAC their lot or batch numbers. The lab the CSAC uses can contact the supplement manufacturers and get the product sent to them.

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