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My guess on the big announcement

I’ve already shared my speculation a few times in the comments and forums on the site, but I figured I might as well say it again here since y’all want to know what I think (for some odd reason). There are people left and right claiming they’ve got sources telling them what’s up, but let’s be honest here: the guys running the MMA blogs have WAY WAY WAY better sources than random forum trolls. If someone was leaking the news, they’d know what’s up. So at this point you can discount whatever you’ve heard as useless chatter and baseless speculation.

All we know thus far from the Dana’s mouth: It has nothing to do with Floyd Mayweather, and it’s NOT a TV deal. According to Mr White, this is right out of ‘left-field’ (the audio re: the announcement is at 9:25).

My guess? Someone just bought into the company. I dunno if it’d be full or half or just major investment capital or what, but in my experience the only reason you take your entire company out to dinner is to announce that there are new overlords coming in. So with that being said, let’s all pray that this has nothing to do with the WWE. Because I’d really hate to find out that the sport I’ve hitched my wagon to has been taken over by those cunts.

  • jd says:

    Could this be TV deal or just promo for event?

  • Ross says:

    Meltzer said the WWE’s press conference is about some million dollar giveaway they’re running at the moment, hopefully that’s enough to rule out their involvement

    To add to the intrigue, the UFC’s site says Dana (along with Lesnar) is appearing on a CNBC show today to announce an “exciting” new deal. Dana still announcing other deals makes me think that regardless of what happens he’ll still be the UFC’s President.

  • Pontus says:

    Renting a place and gathering all your employees and having an announcement seems to me like they have a new owner or atleast a new partner.

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    Ruport Mudock wants the UFC’s demographic

  • Joon4s says:

    They probably just signed Kurt Angle or some other retard. Why would Lesnar be there to announce it? I just don’t believe that they could’ve been sold to WWE, that would be the end of MMA as a legitimate sport.

  • toy deal with jakks.

    12 collectable “Stars” each “series” 1 series per year for 4 years starting with next April with fights like Bisping, Lesner, Liddell, Hughes, Huerta and Silva. Figure the 5 champs, 3 legends 2-4 top names for the first year.

    Toys will be geared towards being sold as “collectibles” but will also double as movable action figure/toys ala WWE figures. No details if Jakks will be making “The Octogon” action cage/ring set but I am sure @ 40 bucks a pop they’ll do that too.

  • Don’t be surprised if there are 2-3 WEC fighters that make their way into “series 2” or even the first series as it’ll be seen as a way to market so of those top names as well.