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My God this Toney

After James Toney skipped the UFC 118 press conference over some imagined slight from Dana White, I was hoping that’d be the last we heard of him. Surely no one who just got their asses handed to them as straightforward and methodically as Toney just did would come back and keep talking shit, right? Right???

Well not only is Toney already acting like he’s a superstar athlete who did great things in the cage on Saturday, he sounds like he wants to do it again:

I’m in it for the long run baby. I’m the only two sport athlete out there and I’m doing the 2 most dangerous sports in the world. No other man will try to do that.

Except KJ Noons and a bunch of other fighters that have competed in both. Lil Nog, Marcus Davis, and even women like Erin Toughill have boxing experience and fared much much much much much much better in MMA than Toney. Although it’d be hard to do worse. I’ve seen grappling dummies that put up more of a fight than Toney did.

PC: Dana White said you lasted a lot longer than he thought you would and it appeared like it would be over within the first minute.

JT: I told you, I’m a rare breed and my breed only comes along every 20 years. I knew Dana was trying to throw me to the dogs, but I wanted that. In fact, he didn’t throw me to the dogs; I went looking for them. I went looking for trouble. That’s why they call me JT, “Just Trouble.” I loved it. I had fun in there and I can’t wait to do it again.

Can’t wait to get paid another million bucks is more like it. Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like Dana is interested in doing that again. So where does that leave Toney? Well he could always throw out the first pitch at a MLB game and become a three sport superstar, or crash an Indy car into a pile of tires so he can add racing prodigy to his resume as well.