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Much ado about nothing!

After many many months of speculation and dreaded anticipation, Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg both hit the scales today and made weight without problem. Gina actually weighed in at 143 pounds and Cris Cyborg was 144.5. That was pretty much the biggest hurdle this fight had to going off awesomely … now the only disaster I can think of is if a shitty ref calls the fight early or something.

I don’t want to seem negative talking about all the ways everything could go wrong … I am just very invested in the fight and of course I worry about shit that’s important to me. Tomorrow night is a milestone in MMA history and how it turns out will significantly affect how women’s MMA is going to develop over the next few years.

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope Big John McCarthy is reffing the fight. He’s not infallible but he’s about a billion times better than Big Tan Dan Mirgliowhatever.

Other interesting notes from the weigh-in: Fabricio Werdum showed up not-fat this time (228 now vs 256 when Dos Santos got him fired), and Jesse Taylor missed weight on account of being a last second replacement. You can see awesome pictures of the weigh-in on Showtime’s Flickr page – I’m starting to get pretty repetitive saying “Wow, Esther’s pictures are fucking awesome” but I can’t help it. They ARE awesome.