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Muay Thai leg snap

And now for your daily dose of gross, here’s a muay thai fight where one guy gets his shin snapped in half, Corey Hill style. If the first 10 times they reshow it don’t gross you out, wait till later on in the video where they really give you a good look at the whole leg shattering and buckling over on itself.

(via the Fight Nerd)

  • Sarah says:

    I’m actually going to diaesrge with you on this. I think this is a sign that ESPN finally gets MMA.This is what ESPN does. They’re sensationalists. They worship the 20-win pitcher and have single-handedly quarterback into the most overrated position on the field (like it’s a coincidence that all their pundits saying the QB is the most important player on the field happen to be retired quarterbacks?). RBIs and Super Bowl rings rule the day at ESPN. The fact that they’re hitching their wagons to Jon Jones, an exciting but still unproven contender, while ignoring the proves that they’re finally on board. Them leaving Anderson off the list is like them leaving Dan Marino out of every single freaking discussion about the greatest QBs of all time despite him being both the most mechanically efficient and statistically dominant QB in the history of the game. It’s too bad nobody gives a damn about the ESPYs, otherwise I might say that the omission might be fodder for discussion, but alas