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MSNBC are morons

Just a little something I noticed in MSNBC’s foray into MMA journalism:

From October 1999 to the present, Henderson has not fought on American soil. He has built a reputation in Japan for fighting skills that enabled him to defeat Nogueira, Renzo Gracie, Murilo Rua, Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva among others.

Lets see … what’s wrong with that statement? What’s wrong? What did they say in there that could possibly be wrong? Hmmm … I don’t know … hmmm … is there even something wrong in there? I’m not so sure any more.

Oh wait.

DAN HENDERSON’S LAST FUCKING FIGHT WAS IN AMERICA. And it was against Wanderlei Silva, one of the guys this bozo included in Hendo’s list of defeated opponents. This isn’t just some innocent typo. This isn’t even just one dumb statement in an otherwise factually correct article. Pretty much the entire fucking article is written around the idea that Henderson hasn’t fought in the US in over 7 years.

Yeah, this is just a standard fanboy “Fuck You” to the mainstream media. But come on. This dumbass gets PAID to write this. I hope they force feed him a jar of nickels for this piece of shit article, because that’s about what he deserves for it.

So next time you read something on MSNBC, maybe you should think twice about relying on it, because they apparently have no issue just saying shit that’s just completely wrong. That’s MSNBC, which has an invested worth of over 500 million dollars, making statements that even the most braindead TUF noob on the Sherdog forums wouldn’t make.

Anyways, I’m just saying.

  • Romy says:

    To make this article even better Dan’s fight before Wandy was against Vitor Belfort, who they also mention, at PRIDE 32 which was PRIDE’s first US show. Great job by MSNBC, it’s not like it would take a whole of work to find out this information.

  • Swedish guy says:


  • Sam Scaff says:

    Not to mention this huge mistake in one of the first sentences of the article:

    “Henderson’s first fight on a UFC card takes place Sept. 8…”

    HELLO! He won the UFC 17 tournament!!.

  • Jonathan says:

    I about said he never defeated Nogueira…but I pursued the Fightfiner and see that he beat big Nog back in Rings.

  • Jonathan says:

    Man…you are seriously getting mad love from Maybe Zach Arnold shares your same weird love for GSP.

  • intenso says:

    there was a lot of anger in this post