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Mr Colon needs glasses or something

MMA Mania has a humorous picture up showing the judge’s scores from round 2 of the Kimbo / Thompson fight. Is it any surprise that the guy named Colon seems to have had his head up his ass?

There’s two ways to look at that second round:

  1. Kimbo was freaking lucky the fight wasn’t stopped when he was stuck on the bottom
  2. James Thompson blew it by throwing 71 consecutive weak-ass blows instead of 10 shots with a little power behind them

Personally, I think they’re both true. But whichever way the wind blows your wang, you can’t deny that Thompson won the round. So to see a judge get it so hilariously wrong just adds more fuel to an ever-growing fire started by the actions of New Jersey Athletic Commission employees on Saturday night.

  • Omomatta says:

    How can you become a judge? Anyone? I could do better than half these fucks. Seriously.

  • Bandildo says:

    Is that an 8-10 from Crosby? 2 rounds for Thompson makes the stoppage even bigger bullshit.

  • nem0 says:

    Mr. Colon: full of shit.

  • Tom K says:

    It is hilarious incompetence that one judge scored the 2nd round 10-8 Thompson while another judge scored the round 10-9 Kimbo. Someone’s an idiot — and it’s not the guy scoring it 10-8.

  • Asa says:

    Everything about this is fucking ridiculous.

  • esther says:

    What’s odd is I was there at the press conference and I didn’t see anyone handing these things out or anyone getting a scorecard. I’m just, confused at all the “proof” people are finding. I understand it was bad and things got messy but I’m not sure all this stuff that’s floating around is real.

  • The sheets are handed out to press during the events. I’m still pissed that they mis-photocopied the Kalib Starnes score cards. I wanted to frame the 30-24 cards as proof of the lowest score ever given to a fighter in the UFC

  • esther says:

    Thanks. I was opposite the media table so I didn’t get one of those I guess.

  • Bandildo says:

    Fightlinker, wikipedia disagrees with “the 30-24 cards as proof of the lowest score ever given to a fighter in the UFC”

    Quarry defeats Starnes by Unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-24). The third score marks the second widest point margin in a three-round fight in UFC history, with the record belonging to a bout between Forrest Petz and Sammy Morgan, which was scored 30-23 Petz by one judge.

  • Wow, there’s a fun fact. Did Morgan have a point taken away or was the judge just incompetent?

  • Dear Esther,

    You’re dumb.

    Love Jesse

    P.S. Pick a fucking website already.

  • Bandildo says:

    Have no idea, FL. Never saw the fight, just that info from wiki. Have no clue what happened to have a scorecard like that.