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Mr. Bisping attacked after UFC 75

Michael Bisping being the world’s largest douche at the post-UFC75 press conference certainly takes on a new angle with the news that just minutes before he hit the stage his dad was being attacked by hooligans in the 02 parking lot:

“Nobody knows what happened before the press conference” he told us, “Just before I walked in, I got a phone call saying that my dad had been attacked in the car park by several people.” Bisping tried to come to his father’s aid, but was unable to find him. “A security guard came down on a moped and I jumped on the back of the moped and we were flying around looking for him and we hit a road block.” Not the ideal situation to meet the press after a controversial decision. So when reporters suggested he lost the fight, Bisping lost control a little bit. “It wasn’t the right thing to say, but there was things that went on beforehand.” he explains, “The guys that asked the questions, I apologize to them but I had just been in a spin for the last 10 minutes.”

You can read Bisping’s full account on his site. It’s too bad that no one is really picking up or running with this story … it certainly makes Bisping’s behavior a bit more understandable. I’m actually amazed that he went to the press conference at all. If it was a choice between a press conference and my dad’s safety, I’d choose the press conference too. But that’s because I fucking hate my dad and hope he dies of AIDS or whatever painful disease is ravaging Africa right now. But I would have to assume the average person wouldn’t ditch their dad for a press conference.

There’s not a lot of details on that, or why Bisping’s dad was targeted. If Bisping Sr. was talking smack out there like Bisping Jr. was in the octagon, perhaps that explains a few things. Even though Bisping was the ‘hometown boy’, a lot of people at the event were seriously pissed at the results. Plus I hear that since the Bispings aren’t from London but Surrey, that could have had something to do with it too. Fucking British … seems like if you live in an area with a different soccer club, they’re liable to lynch you.