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Mousasi vs Filho one step closer to happening

I kinda got the feeling that Mousasi calling Paulo Filho ‘a little donkey on steroids’ yesterday was a ploy to steer their promotions towards a fight between the two. If that was what he was going for, it seems to be working:

“I didn’t take any steroid. How could I have taken steroids before losing 9 kilos?” he asked rhetorically, before blaming Mousasi for the feud between them.

“It’s his fault. He wants to talk, but the truth is he is afraid. He watched me in the past and I also watched him. He didn’t change his game too much. He’s the same: paper-thin and just put on some weight,“ Filho fumed to today

“And it’s clear he doesn’t respect the opponent because he always has this ‘superior’ look on his face. He’s in good momentum right now but the Brazilian light-heavyweights are able to beat him up – and I’m one of them.”

Filho believes the grudge will inevitably be settled in the cage or ring in the near future, since DREAM and Strikeforce keep a close relationship with each other. Strikeforce are also known to be very impressed with Filho’s latest performance versus Manhoef.

“The fight isn’t signed yet but it will happen. DREAM and Strikeforce have connection. Wherever he wants to face me off, we’ll fight. Be sure we will put on this challenge,” Filho predicts.

Hey, this is the fight game. You wanna take someone on, you don’t invite them over for tea and crumpets and then ask them politely if they wanna throw down. Even though that’s a lot more straightforward, it’s not as good at building up hype with us dumb fans. Shit talking is old hat and a bit silly, but I don’t blame Mousasi for doing it. DREAM can’t matchmake it’s way out of a moist paper bag and Strikeforce is probably thinking Bobby Southworth would make a ‘good opponent’ for Mousasi. So it pays to try and set up your own opponents, however you gotta do it.