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Mousasi talks heavyweight

No one can deny the fact that Gegard Mousasi owned 2008, going 7-0 and winning the DREAM middleweight tournament / belt … all this at 23 years of age. He finished the year off by icing kickboxer Musashi in a K-1 rules fight, showing up with a nice roll of fat around the middle. He’s talked about staying up at light heavyweight before, but now he’s gone into detail on his plan to fight at heavyweight:

Light heavyweight is only a pitstop for Mousasi, though.

“To be honest, I want to go to heavyweight,” he says. “I think if it’s something you do and you win, people will be surprised, and I like that. It was always my dream to be the best. If you say, ‘I’m the best heavyweight’ it feels like you’re the best heavyweight in the world. If you say, ‘I’m the best middleweight,’ there’s always a couple of guys above you that could beat you.”

If all goes as planned inside his cool but calculated mind, Mousasi will make his U.S. debut at Affliction and M-1 Global’s third event in June or July carrying 225-230 pounds on his frame the natural way.

“I can use steroids or stuff like it, [but] I want to fight in America, and the only way is to do it naturally because you will get caught in America,” he reasons.

Does ‘the natural way’ mean Mousasi will turn up looking more like Roy Nelson than Alistair Overeem?