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Mousasi out of Super Hulk tournament

M-1’s ‘Breakthrough’ card was moved from Los Angeles to Kansas City less than three weeks before it’s scheduled August 28th date. Don Frye, having spent too much Goddamned time winning the Cold War and planting this nation’s apple trees to waste his time fighting in KC, dropped out of his main event with Muhammad ‘King Mo’ Lawal and was replaced by Mark ‘No, Seriously, I’m Back this Time’ Kerr. In what most of us (and by us, of course, I mean smart people) interpreted as a desperate bid to save the card from a bad case of the No One Gives a Shits, Fedor was brought on to face Mousasi in an Aoki-style ‘grappling exhibition’. Guess who won? The fans! No, not really – just Fedor.

Somehow, I don’t think M-1 consulted with anyone before using Mousasi. Now we hear this:

Gegard Mousasi has been forced to withdraw from a scheduled bout with Rameau Thierry Sokodjou in the semifinals of the Super Hulk Tournament at Dream 11, has been told by multiple sources close to the situation. The Japanese promotion is currently trying to find a replacement opponent for the Oct. 6 event, which also features the promotion’s Featherweight Grand Prix Finals.

According to one source, Mousasi may have injured his shoulder during a grappling exhibition with Fedor Emelianenko at M-1: Breakthrough last month in Kansas City.

Coker’s been making noise about co-promoting with DREAM and said he was happy to send Mousasi over for the Superhulk tournament – and in some ways it makes sense. Combining one turd roster with another turd roster does not a larger turd roster make; fights like Mousasi/Filho or Manhoef/Lawler would draw significant attention from the hardcores. However, it some ways it doesn’t: promotions are always looking out for themselves above all else in a competitive marketplace, and fights that should happen – and would if everyone were on the same roster (cough UFC cough) – never do, either because of fear that a marquee name will lose or because some pissant card needed a savior. This is an example of the latter, although my man HMC beating Mousasi into oblivion probably wouldn’t have looked too good.

Now, maybe Mousasi has decided he’s done with DREAM and this injury makes for a good excuse while Coker desperately looks for a challenger to his LHW belt. Or maybe the injury was a result of the lack of ring padding Guy Metzger mentioned during the broadcast, the same lack of padding that caused Mark Kerr’s injury during the main event. Or maybe special grappling exhibitions are fucking stupid and should never ever happen again. It could be all of the above, ya know? Either way, this is a prime example of why co-promoting and non-exclusive contracts rarely work out. You simply can’t count on your fighters to put your organization first, and you can’t count on some organizations to exercise due diligence on fucking ANYTHING.