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“Motherfuckers will have to pay”

Here’s an update on those fighters who haven’t gotten paid yet by ImpactFC: according to Fighters Only, a bunch of the Brazilians are getting together to either file a lawsuit or smash some skulls. Either / or, probably.

“I didn’t get paid yet. None of the Brazilians got anything. Motherfuckers, but they will have to pay. I am trying to organize the fighters to sue the promoter and get the total they owe. Some fighters are accepting 30% to 50% [of their purse] only. It is a shame,” the MMA veteran said.

Fighters Only learned recently that Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley has been paid only 20 per cent of his purse thus far and reports from other media have detailed such payments, or absence thereof, to other fighters as well.

The two promoters behind Impact FC – Andrew McManus  and Tom Huggins – have done little bar accuse each other of being the man responsible for paying the wages. Huggins has decamped to his home in Brazil and has washed his hands of the show, directing all enquiries regarding payment towards McManus.

The way these fighters are talking, I think it’s Huggins who’s within punching range who might have to watch his back more than McManus, who’s safe on account of these fighters being unable to afford a plane ticket to Australia now.