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More XARM Extreme Arm Wrestling

Is there a better way to start the day off than with more XARM Extreme Arm Wrestling? We gave you a taste and we talked about Art Davie, the dude behind this AND the UFC. Now here’s another preview of the retardation! Keep an eye out for Gary Goodridge in there, proving that anyone with a dream and an oldschool rolodex can get anything off the ground.

If you were wondering what kind of business model could possibly allow for XARM to exist, here’s the deal: there’s a ‘channel’ out there called RipeTV which is basically video on demand, if you’ve got that fancy digital cable then maybe you’ve got it. These guys are for people who say “SpikeTV is too slowpaced for me” … their ‘shows’ are actually more like segments, 5 minutes a pop max to keep those with ADD hooked.

They’ve got all sorts of weird shit, from XARM to Boxing Bonaduce to Pauly Shore’s America to the classy sounding Tube Top Pilates 4 Dudes. Just keep in mind before checking it out at work, the videos start automatically and I’m willing to bet you don’t want people to know you’re watching “Picking Miss Ripe”.