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More WWE in MMA rumblings

I love how Mark Cuban is talking about ‘legitimizing’ the sport of MMA and at the same time contemplating a partnership with the WWE:

“We’ve been in discussions with the WWE, Vince and Linda McMahon and Shane about doing some cross promotions under the HDNet Fights banner,” said Cuban. “Since they do a great job of putting together events, within some of the restraints that I talked about, the no ring girls and obviously the events have to be straight up, there’s no scripted anything, but they want to get into that side of the business. They realize that if they just brand it as WWE, that people aren’t going to believe that it’s not scripted, but if they work with Mark Cuban and HDNet Fights and the Dallas Mavericks approach, then people will trust it.”

I’m always conflicted when I hear rumors that the WWE wants to move into MMA. The responsible adult in me thinks it’s a horrific idea that will result in the end of civilization as we know it. But the kid in me would kill to see the crazy shit that would happen as a result.