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More widespread than you’d think?

Greasing has become the new steroids: where everyone was on steroids before, everyone is now greasing. That seems to be the case anyways. And who knows … perhaps this is just all part of that mass hysteria that went on over the weekend, or perhaps this has exposed an area of mixed martial arts that needs to be addressed now. Here’s Steve Cofield trying to sort out fact from innuendo:

Mac Danzig told us today during an interview to preview Ultimate Fight Night 17, that he’s heard that greasing is more widespread than you’d think saying that guys will do it hours before a fight, letting the Vaseline seep into the skin and sweating it out when the fight starts. Even more intriguing was a recent conversation with an MMA fighter who said there are certain baths (mineral oil) that a fighter can take. Once the fight starts and the fighters begin to perspire, it’s almost as if he’s sweating baby oil. The same fighter said that GSP isn’t the only Jackson’s Submission Fighting team member who’s been labeled a “greaser”. An opposing camp made those claims saying, “we do it, so we’d know if they were doing it.”

Regardless of what you think about X or Y fighter greasing, I think we’re all in agreeance now that something needs to be done, not just to stop greasing but stop greasing allegations. Because I tell you what: this is only going to get worse if something isn’t done. If commissions are willing to go as far as collecting piss from people to stop steroid use, is it really that far fetched to ask that fighters be swabbed before heading to the cage or something?