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More useful MMA pointers from Steven Seagal


Is there anything more entertaining than watching a fatass action star hack like Steven Seagal ‘teaching’ Lyoto Machida how to fight? Watch as he shows Machida how to ‘trap’ punches, chop people in the throat, and generally be a master of useless woo-woo martial arts. My favorite part has to be when Steven explains to Machida why Shogun kicked his ass. The solution? A slow, fat kick to the leg followed by some wushu punching / disco fist spinning. Oh, and lots of backfists from the clinch. Add some ‘Bam bam baah!’ noises and you’ve got Steven Seagal’s recipe for MMA domination!

More MMA under seige: Anderson Silva’s training session with Steven, and a kiss shared between student and sensei (yes, Seagal demanded Anderson call him ‘sensei’) on Silva’s way into the cage to face Chael Sonnen.