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More unfinished Gomi / US negotiations

I’ve largely been ignoring the bullshit surrounding Takanori Gomi’s latest cries of “I want to fight in America!” Mainly because for most people, wanting is the first step before doing. But Gomi never does seem to do what he ‘wants’. He has three organizations vying for his services but of course he’s not signing with any of them. Here’s the latest details from Nightmare of Battle:

The reason that the negotiations with Strikeforce and Affliction are quite rough going right now is because of the fight money. It seems like there is a gap between the money that Gomi’s side wants and what the organizations are offering.

Dana White and Gomi’s side were having developments the year before last also, but they couldn’t get to an agreement because of money either.

It seems that Strikeforce’s offer with a win bonus, a title challenge, Showtime (tv, sponsors, etc.) is the best. However, because of the base pay they haven’t come to an agreement yet. If Gomi signs with Strikeforce, he will probably have his first fight on their August 15th or September events.

Tom Atencio has also said his hat (if his company made hats … ugly, ugly hats) is still in the ring as well, going so far as to say his deal was ‘almost done.’ Considering Atencio’s track record on stuff like this (he keeps letting his inner fanboy do the PR for his company), I wouldn’t put that statement in the bank. But if there’s one company dumb enough to overpay Gomi a shitload of money to fight some no name at Trilogy that Gomi’s agent has deemed toothless enough, it’s good ol’ Affliction.

*UPDATE* Jackal Agent Smith reveals that Affliction does indeed make hats just as ugly as you’d imagine.