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More UFC86 goodness

Details about UFC86 continue to flow forth like a cool stream on a hot summer’s day. First came the underwhelming news that a trio of American Top Team underperformers were booked, then Corey Hill vs some poor bastard and a Patrick Cote vs Ricardo Almeida booking. Today we get to see some more decent names added to the card: Joe Stevenson will be taking on Gleison Tibau, and a fight between Josh Koscheck and Chris Lytle is in the works.

Gleison Tibau is a nice rebound fight for Joe Stevenson, who really needs to crack someone’s skull open in order to erase the mental image we all have of him in the fetal position bleeding and sobbing after the BJ Penn massacre. I haven’t seen anything in Tibau’s past performances that make me think he can handle Joe Daddy, so chalk up one obvious bout for the card right there.

Josh Koscheck vs Chris Lytle is a bit more interesting, partly because Koscheck still isn’t re-signed with the UFC. I never really expected Kos to go anywhere any time soon anyways, so it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that the UFC is already slotting him while negotiations work themselves out. As for the fight itself, we’ll get to see if Chris Lytle can actually win a fight against somebody in the top 10 or if he’ll forever be that dude on the undercard who’ll never manage to get anywhere.

  • nem0 says:

    Fuck. Every time I see a photo of Josh Koscheck, I really want to see him get violently KO’d.

  • beewheezy says:

    tibau is that huge lightweight that “lost” to tyson griffin at 80 if memory serves me correctly. Personally i thought he won that fight, and Joe daddy might be a big 155er too, i just don’t think this will be a total walk in the park for him.

    if koscheck comes out like he did against Hazelett i think he’s pretty much fucked, Lytles got fierce hands and decent takedown defence, i see this as a good matchup for him.

  • cyph says:

    If Kos and Lytle come out like they did in their previous fights, then that would be FON for sure.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    I hear you nem0. I feel the same way 😀

  • Xavier says:

    Lytle will take out Koscheck and I will be happy. He’s too crafty for Kos to handle.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    Is there anybody who actually likes Koscheck? At all?

  • MadMan says:

    No matter who else is on the card…Koscheck vs Lytle
    has definate “fight of the night” potential.

    *i like josh koscheck :)

  • Xavier says:

    “Is there anybody who actually likes Koscheck? At all?”

    There are Matt Hughes fans (and they are hilariously dumb to go stare at on his official message board) ergo, there have to be Josh Koscheck fans somewhere. This correlation works for any UFC fighter, really.