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More UFC 114 predictions

(Photo courtesy of’s weigh-in gallery.)

Predictions are usually done by those looking to show off how SMRT they are. Not me. Sure, people can go the safe route, what with their “betting favorites” and “logic” or whatnot, but where’s the fun in that.

Luis Cane vs. Cyril Diabate
Cane is gonna have his doors blown off by Diabate. The guy’s hype train should have been evacuated like a Chinese subway with a SARS patient on it, but alas, people are stupid. He’s going against someone who has laser-like striking, and he’s gonna know it very quickly. Well, he’ll know it after he’s woken back up.

The Snake, TKO, round 1.

Efrain Escudero vs. Dan Lauzon
Escudero showed some nice improvement with his blasting of Cole Miller, then erased all of it by getting subbed by a straight wrestler in his next fight. But the guy who did that was Evan Dunham, someone who actually – you know – spends time training like a professional should. Expect Efrain to get top position on Dan Lauzon the same way Spencer Fisher did.

Escudero by unanimous decision.

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Amir Sadollah
Sadollah drew comparisons to Rodrigo Nogueira during his run on TUF for a reason – the guy is never out of a fight. You can slam him around, kick him, and basically just treat him like a “>WWF Wrestling Buddy. Kim won’t be able to do that. His game is predicated in the clinch, which is where Sadollah’s offense is most potent. I can see Amir hitting Kim with the same type of knee he landed on Gerald Harris, but Kim’s height will defuse most of their power.

Sadollah by unanimous decision.

Diego Sanchez vs. John Hathaway
The UFC has a bad habit of putting prospects on a winning streak into a fight where they’re clearly outmatched. This is another example of that. Diego is just gonna kick Hathaway’s frame in and batter him for fifteen minutes.

Sanchez by dominanimous decision.

Todd Duffee vs. Mike Russow
Russo is like the futon of the Heavyweight division, ’cause people be sleeping on him. There’s a reason Duffee has been talking up Mike to anyone who’ll listen. Todd’s getting a little pissed that people expect him to flatline his opponent despite the obvious step up in competition. They’re putting such massive pressure and expectations on him that they’ll be disappointed with anything but a sub-one minute KO. He’ll do just that, but don’t be shocked if Russo just shuts Todd down with a smothering top kill game.

Duffee, TKO, round 1.

Michael Bisping vs. Dan Miller
We keep hearing the same weak line about this fight over and over, everywhere. ‘If Demian Maia outstruck Miller, imagine what Bisping will do.’ That’s retarded. By that logic, Crocop should have slaughtered Fedor because, hey, Fujita cracked him. Demain is such a demon on the floor that even other black belts are ascared of him. Dan didn’t plant his feet and box because he knew he’d just be underhooked and put on his back. That fear doesn’t exist against Bisping. I think I’m gonna apply the same type of thinking that stupid people are using, just the other way around: If Wanderlei Silva caught Bisping in a Guillotine, imagine what Dan Miller will do.’

Miller, submission, round 1.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Jason Brilz
Intentionally left blank. If my prediction is right I’ll explain why I went with it.

Brillz by unanimous decision.

Quinton Jackson vs. Rashad Evans
You really gotta look at the durability of these guys. Rampage has shown that it takes the real-life version of Sagat to hurt him, while Keith Jardine dropped Rashad when they fought on The Ultimate Fighter 2. But it all comes down to cardio. Whoever can last long enough to take advantage of their opponent’s deep breaths has a major advantage. Who’s gonna be able to bomb first, as 2Pac would put it. It’ll be like fish in a barrel once one of them opens their mouth to be able to breathe. Quinton just went on a crash diet and put down the cigs, but Rashad is known for having a gas canister rather than a gas tank. I’ll take someone who can go five with Dan Henderson over someone who barely three with Thiago Silva.

Rampage, TKO, round 2.