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More TUF US vs UK details emerge

I should have known that Fighters Only’s Hywel Teague would have all the good access this weekend as the UFC is in the UK, but my brain has been turned to mush as I try to adjust to regular jiu jitsu classes and heavy working out. So my apologies to everyone who thinks I’ve been a bit slow lately … I’m sure once my body adjusts and I normalize my energy levels things will be all good and the humor will expand again past dirty words.

So anyways, go check out Teague’s blog Notes From Ringside where he’s detailing all the adventures he’s having. Today for instance he got this information out of Dana White:

A bunch of us went backstage and had our own 30 minute Q&A with Dana, where he let slip that yes, Bisping would be a coach on TUF 9 “win lose or draw” and they were looking for him to face the winner of Henderson vs Franklin (who will fight each other in January).

I guess that means we’ll be getting a decent vacation from TUF. Breaks between the show have varied between seasons from two to six months. In this case if the coach gets picked after Hendo and Franklin fight on January 17th, figure in a few weeks off for the coach and then taping takes a month and then there’s post production soooooo figure you won’t be seeing another season of the Ultimate Fighter until the snow starts to melt … up in Canada.