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More TJ Thompson Standgate details

TJ Thompson is back in the news, giving Dave Meltzer more details on why he’s so ‘confident’ that Standgate is for real:

“I was told by two executives cageside that everything was taken care of and that the fight wasn’t going to the ground,” said T. Jay Thompson, a Hawaii-based promoter who is also an executive consultant with Elite XC. “I wasn’t backstage for the conversation.”

Thompson, who had said he would talk to investigators, was never called, but by not being backstage when the conversation took place, his testimony wasn’t firsthand. Thompson said while at the arena and hearing what he did, he immediately contacted oddsmaker Joey Odessa and warned him to take the fight off the board.

Thompson said he emailed Chuck Champion, the CEO of Pro Elite, who assured him that all that happened was the company offered Petruzelli a knockout bonus, something that many Elite XC fighters have in their contract.

This is fucking insanity. While TJ’s statement isn’t firsthand, he can still give the names of the executives that told him and the Florida commission can follow up from there.