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More tao of Machida

If yesterday’s ultra-focused “Nothing can stop me from conquering my opponent” statement from Lyoto Machida didn’t have you feeling nervous enough, check out this latest explanation of how he prepares for a fight. It’s about as close to a training montage as you’ll ever see in writing:

“I felt a lot of pressure when I fought Rich Franklin in Inoki Bomb-Ba-Ye in Japan,” says Machida. “At the time, I had just two MMA fights and he was undefeated with nine knockouts, and many people came to tell me that if I stayed on my feet, I would be knocked out fast. But my father said, ‘It’s not like that; go there and believe in our art.’ I did what he said and knocked him out in the second round.”

Machida, a native of the Amazon, might be the only fighter of Brazil’s elite to not rely on a top MMA training center for his striking.

“I see the preparation for a MMA fight as a set of many important points like sparring, structure, food and family support. Even having Anderson [Silva], [Vitor] Belfort, [Antonio] Minotauro [Nogueira] and other excellent partners in Rio de Janeiro, here in Belém (Para state) I have a more complete package,” says Machida. “I’m close to my family, counting on my father and brother´s support, eating my food, in my city, with excellent trainers, good sparring and making my own schedule.”

The son of a Japanese father and a Brazilian mother, the fighter points to his patriarch Sensei Machida, a Shotokan master, as one of his greatest influences.

“My father is a amazing strategist; when he looks at someone fighting he knows exactly what I have to do,” says Machida. “But my father is hot tempered — he wants me to decide the fight fast, while my brother, Shinzo (a 2006 world-champion silver medalist in Shotokan karate) is more balanced and fights just like myself. Joining the tactics of my father and the equilibrium of Shinzo, I have the perfect package in my corner.”

Why does it feel like a lot of these articles are basically “Prepare everyone for the new champ” articles? That bad feeling I’ve been getting since this fight was announced … it’s getting worse and worse.