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More Standgate information hitting the masses

In one of the many ProElite/EliteXC death posts floating around now, Sam Caplan mentioned that he had heard from a few different sources that StandGate was legitimate:

Petruzelli’s comments on 104.1 FM in Orlando that he had financial incentive not to take Slice to the ground that led to such a public outcry that officials in Florida launched an investigation into the incident were just the tip of the iceberg, as there also appeared to be more to the story. For instance, separate sources informed Five Ounces of Pain last week that there was also a possibility that a deal had been struck preventing Petruzelli from using “Thai-style kicks on Slice, since he had not prepared for them leading up to the fight.”

Zach Arnold takes some umbrage to this:

I have a problem with this. As a writer, if you have information that not only can advance a story in the media with new details but also impact a current, on-going investigation, then start talking. By admitting this news item in the manner in which it was stated, it comes off as if you’re saying, “Well, if Elite XC hadn’t closed its doors, I might have not said anything about this.”

I had mentioned the same thing regarding Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, two guys who spoke up about StandGate only after Seth Petruzelli slipped up and talked about it on the radio. So what the hell are the moral responsibilities of the MMA media in situations like this? Is holding back information like this tantamount to helping EliteXC get away with things?

Our first reaction to any potential wrongdoing would be to post it, but Fightlinker is a gut reaction kinda site and we don’t have reputation or contacts to maintain. One gets the feeling that there are two levels to MMA reporting: the stuff people know, and the stuff they’re allowed to report. There’s 1001 reasons for this: you’ve gotta play nice or you’ll lose access, and when it comes to sources you still need to confirm what they’re saying or you risk printing incorrect information.

Still, one would hope that allegations of fight fixing are serious enough for everyone to put aside everything else to get to the bottom of this. With EliteXC imploding as we speak, I’m betting we’re going to learn about a whole dump of shady shit from the people who used to work there. So I suppose in the long run people’s earlier silence doesn’t matter all that much. But if ProElite had continued to chug on and they got away with StandGate on account of people not sharing all the information they knew on it….