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More speculation on Affliction’s future (or lack thereof)

With all the confusion over whether or not Affliction is going to close shop or not, I’m glad some of the big MMA sites are starting to give their opinion on the situation. I can sit here on this blog and speculate all I want, but I’m just as dumb as you are so a little pseudo-legit confirmation that I’m not the only one seeing a garish fleur-de-lys and skull encrusted coffin lying just beyond their third show. Here’s MMA Junkie discussing Affliction’s chances:

Atencio said Affliction’s first show generated “well over 100,000” buys.  Industry estimates peg the buy rate for January’s “Day of Reckoning” event at between 150,000 and 200,000.  Those certainly aren’t UFC numbers, but no other organization has been able to produce those kinds of results. However, multi-million-dollar fighter payrolls have kept the first two shows in the red.

“I’ve always said we’d do one fight at a time, and I always said we’d do three fights,” Atencio added.  “I don’t really know if there’s enough success. You’re always going to want more.  We wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t. I think we’re going to sit down, re-evaluate everything and move forward.”

Atencio’s comments straddle the line between being optimistic and realistic. You get the sense that even 200,000 buys might not be enough to guarantee that Affliction fights for a fourth time.

It’s pretty awesome that Affliction is pulling 200k buys, but totally balls that it’s not enough. And this is why whenever I end up blogging about this promotion, I start grinding my teeth in frustration. A half decent budget punched into Excel would have avoided this whole situation. It’s not like there were a shitload of unforeseen costs that are killing Affliction. They’re being buried under the weight of their retarded contracts … contracts they willingly wrote up and signed.