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More spectacular than MMA?

Stephane Patry used to be the dude running the big TKO shows here in Montreal Canada until he suddenly quit and threw the promotion’s future into serious doubt. Now he’s ‘back’ with something that sounds suspiciously like ‘not MMA’:

Former TKO Championship Fighting president Stephane Patry will hold a news conference today to give the media and fans an overview of a new organization he’ll be running in 2009.

The first event is expected to be held in Montreal in early 2009 and the press conference will feature referee Yves Lavigne explaining the rules and regulations while a demonstration takes place.

According to the press release sent out, the sport will respect all points while being more comprehensive than boxing, more explosive than kickboxing, and more spectacular than mixed martial arts.

People really have to stop trying to one-up MMA. It’s literally straight up fighting with the only rules and conventions being around for fighter safety. That’s as cool as things have to get. As soon as you fuck with that and start creating wacky teams and playoffs or differently shaped cages or dumb stand up rules or whatever, it’s pretty much an instant fail. Although okay, I will admit … if Patry’s idea involves trampolines, alligators, or cheese graters, consider me interested.